Friday, December 15, 2006


Occurrences of Being

I’m feeling a bit loopy as is the result of a head filled with snot and Tylenol four. An eventful week has past, my long-time wife of 19 months (nearly) is off in a small town one hour north of Pittsburgh making friends with toddlers who belong to old friends of hers. I am here at home sipping flat Sprite, and avoiding the 200 pages that need to be read. I’m not sure why. Why anything?

Other events (my wife leaving is an event) include two dental carries filled by a limping Jewish dentist who is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and quickly drilling holes in people’s mouths – making them practice zen contemplation so as not to gag. It smelled hot, like rubber burning, or maybe like brakes on a 1979 motor-home screeching down a mountain somewhere west of Canon City, Colorado. I have another cavity to fill next Monday, a root to be canalled some time next month. I learned how to floss even the back ones this week.

My sister and her Richard and their two small ones came to see us last weekend. It was fun to see them, read them stories, hoist them on my shoulders for rides, talk photos and cameras. We went to a pale mint green Pakistani restaurant for Microwaved curry. A visiting Muslim asked us to move our stroller off of the green carpet in the back which was reserved for cattycorner prayers toward Mecca. We ate well, the tea was good. Shannon gave me a hug when they left; not sure why but it reminded me of the time she kissed me on the cheek when I was about 13. Taken by surprise and for lack of a better response I said something like: gross!
While they were here we made this picture: Gabriel, Shannon, Rich, Anastasia the Ear Licker

Josh and Terri came too, last weekend. We had a good time, Josh and I, looking out the back glass of the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center at the gaping hole made by hijacked airplanes. We talked about what it means to work/live in a tower, how once you reach the top floor there’s no where else to go. We saw a white plastic bag floating high above the city which Josh thought looked like a kite. I thought that was one thing you could do if you were stuck in the top of a tower – fly a kite. Josh thought about what it must have been like to see people jump out of the melting towers that day. I’m going to remember to stay low to the ground so that if I need to jump I don’t make a sickening thud.


Blogger Meredith said...

Maybe you could make a video summary of your time there in New York until your wife gets home. What could you title it? How about "Home Alone". Uh,let me see, I think that one is already taken.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was a kite. bags don't have tails.

2:21 PM  

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