Saturday, November 04, 2006


New Words and Expressions

Capital. Derived from the word chattel, capital like chattel is an article of personal property or alternatively a slave. A chattel is treated as personal property rather than real property regardless of whether it is movable or immovable; that is, when the labor of (an)other or a (m)other becomes a commodity owned by virtue of some investment, “what people do” becomes the private property of the owner (rather than the real property of the person doing the labor). What should be the proper relationship of working humans?

Classy. “Taste classifies, and it classifies the classifier”—Bourdieu. To be classy is to be stylish, to have panache, to be graceful rather than be possessing of the state of inelegance, inferiority, plainness. It seems to me that we all posses class; the difference in our classiness is reliant on the positionality of our class. Why should the term classy be reserved only for the highest classes? Why is it that we must seek placement in the highest classes in order to achieve gracefulness?

Civilization. Reporter: What do you think of Western civilization? Ghandi: It would be a good idea. Civilization often refers to a sort of cultural or intellectual refinement; good taste. Seems like the people who are less than classy are less than civilized.

Fiction. Derived from the Latin word fingere, fiction according to James Clifford is defined as “something made or fashioned” rather than something that is opposed to truth. It suggests the partiality of cultural and historical truths, but not that they are untrue. Rather, (in the absence of perfect information) it implies that nearly all accounting of reality is a fiction, a version, something made up out of truth.

Rival. According to Michael Spector rival comes to us from the Latin rivalis “one taking from the stream of another.” A rivalry than is essentially the fight for life between two subjects. Water throughout history has been near the center of most conflicts. It continues to cause rivalry in parts of the world. Does life need to be fraught with competition. Is it possible to live in a world where there are no winners and losers? Can’t our supply and our love for each other outstrip our demands?


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