Friday, October 13, 2006


Things I think I saw. #4

Muran: A wrinkled woman in a purple cape dress bulging ominously with corn-cob stopped bottles of water (?). The dress she received from a Mennonite missionary many years ago; the ominous bulges she received from the same place she got the wrinkles. Everyone calls her “godmother.” She is an old woman of the hills; a woman made of hills. Rice braided into her hair a memento of a good meal, the harbinger of a good meal to come. She nearly died this morning she croaks, hands swinging dramatically. She was wandering the hills looking for things. She brought a coffee cup with her, buried in her bosom.

Tonto’s father (with the lazy eye) often yells Tonto-aee in a high and cracking voice for extended periods of time when he wants the young uncle to come home. Tonto and his little sister Carolenne cam entertain themselves for hours playing games of chase and each, pour dirt on each other, twirl around a pole, or spin a pill bottle lid backwards. Tonto is missing his middle teeth. Carolenne is often missing a dress. She likes chewing the paint off buildings. Singing: “Get down, get down, or I’m going to make you fall.” They play at fighting until the cleaning lady threatens to hit them if they keep throwing dirt on the porch.

The son of Nicolas gave the rest of his rice steeped in bean broth to neighbors who lurked in back of the tinless hut. They share in poverty and in hunger. Nicolas tossed a handful of corn to an instantaneous flock of chickens and pigs. A starving dog refused to kill a helpless chicken and instead risked the striking wrath of Madame Nicolas to hastily swipe a dinner droppings. Bearded baptized Nicolas stared at us and thought about how simple it would be for his fellow Christians to extend a helping hand full of money.

A man hoeing a red-brown field of rice the color of soup. A glistening boy-specimen stands, his naked back to the road, looking. The world is green in shades of florescence. It is a luminous world glowing with square inches of life.

I awoke to sun light streaming through a slated screen. A dove cooed, a rooster crowed one more time.

To see photos of the things I think I saw both above and below follow this link:


Blogger Meredith said...

I had to laugh at the lady you called "Muran." Seeing those photos brought back memories of seeing her sitting in the kitchen, the first day we arrived at La Source. She said she hadn't eaten all day and ate a big plateful of food. The others laughed at her saying she had just eaten not long before! Edith

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