Thursday, August 24, 2006


Key Words and Expressions

  1. Mercenary
    The words mercenary and merchant are ultimately derived from the same root. Both participate in the sale and exchange of property. Far too frequently we consider the other’s labor, actually, the other’s self, a commodity which can be exploited and destroyed for the greater good of ourselves and those who feed us. The entrepreneurial revolution often enriches the world with capital markets for the manufacture of fear and the sale of death.
  2. Proper
    That which is proper to us is not necessarily property. Too regularly that which is proximate disappears in that which is proper, and that which is proper is swallowed by property. It is not proper to posses an-other; It is proper to cultivate relationships with those with which we are familiar.
  3. Familiar
    That which is familiar is that which is proximate to us: most notably our family and in a larger sense that which is human – we are human before we are roles. It is proper for us to know what surrounds us: to use our senses to begin to comprehend what it means to live consciously, sensibly.
  4. Sensible
    Sensible living implies the proper use of our senses, particularly with that which we are familiar: our family and that which is proximate. So when the birds are singing we should listen to them rather than replacing them with a sound recording which is distant to us, or a simulation of something proximate. Sensible living requires a conscious awareness of life, present and eternal.
  5. Ephemeral
    Life is ephemeral. Life always happens in the present. The present is ephemeral. We must live each ephemeral moment.
  6. Utopia
    Utopian living is the sort of living found in what is off-topic. It requires conscious awareness of sensible life as well as carefully cultivated understandings of History, of genealogy. The mixing of the two results in a transformative, critically aware, transcendental, Way to Life – a Life of integrity.
  7. Integrity
    Integrity implies the proper mixing of different yet familiar parts. Integrity is formed when integral parts are engaged in such a way that each become inseparably complementary. A more complete world is found.
  8. Luminosity
    A new human becoming can be found through greater luminosity; That is, a greater awareness of beauty. Beauty is what makes us aware of the sublime, the sacred. as we find ourselves in the luminous presence of beauty, we must take a step back, stop our stride and become aware of who we are.
  9. Laconic
    This laconic moment brings us closer to a purity of being. We say little, only the little we know.
  10. Quiescent
    We become aware of that which is quiescent. Things that exist outside of and throughout time and space, as to be motionless is to be outside of change.

    Sources: Lewis H. Lapham, Luce Irigaray, Arlin Roth, Soren Kierkegaard, Kaplan GRE Study Guide


Anonymous Harlan said...

Interesting list Darrin. I especially like the first definition. Labor = Life. I think labor (human life) is undervalued in our society and capital is overvalued. Just because it is legal to enrich oneself at the expense of the life of others does not make it ethical to do so.

I question number four. Why are birds singing inately more important to my senses than Phillip Glass or the Antrim choir?

The last five seem a little nebulous, statements with which no one would dissagree, but don't have enough definite reference to mean much in reality. Maybe I don't understand the context.

11:11 AM  

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