Saturday, November 25, 2006


In the Idea Stream

This Thanksgiving I walked through a park with Matthew Wenger and talked about how much we like to write and why, and for whom and by whom, and about what and for what. We said that writing makes us feel centered: as though we lived. Or at least that we had experienced Life. We decided that for now we want to be able to write about ourselves; or rather, that we want to be able to bring our selves to life on paper. To give our becoming (from past to future) a sense of being (in the present). Maybe at some point we’ll be able to bring other characters to Life, or update our distant past in the present, but for now we just want to live today.

We thought about the tension between the arrogance involved in thinking people would be interested in the (ostentatious) words we put together and the vulnerability in baring our thoughts on our (modest) everyday existence to the world. We thought about the way it is nice to write without punctuation in a conscious stream at times; and how it is nice to write in subtle layers of metaphor and realism in other times. We thought about how we are read by those we know, those with whom we have cultivated deep relations; and how we are read differently by those who know those we know, those who don’t know us immediately.

We talked about the beauty of words clashing and rhyming with other words. The beauty of sounds is produced by the way they resound. The way colors are mixed and melded by words of different temperature and temperament. We talked about beauty such as this as native to human experience; how when we reach for (and touch?) the sublime we are reaching for Truth and Life. Matthew thought that becoming aware of this beauty was for him an affirmation of a being created; that is, God created beauty and us (with an awareness of it) and that by cultivating this consciousness Matthew subsequently becomes aware of the rightness of his Lived experience. I thought this beauty is what happens when we become aware of our potential for Pure Being and how I liked Matthew’s way of thinking too and he said he liked mine as well, but we had to stop talking because we came to the end of the trail and our wives were once again by our sides.

All this happened while walking through a sun filtered forest, kicking leaves while Lyric tripped over roots on a quiet afternoon in Ohio.


Blogger Bubbsyte said...

Who (or what) is Lyric?

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lyric is Olivia and Matt's kiddo.


3:41 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Isn't it great to be able to walk in God's creation to think and process? I think our thinking must be more clear then than when we are surrounded by man's creations. I'm glad you and Matt enjoy eachother and that your cousin wives do too. May Lyric grow up blest by your inteactions! the MIL

9:00 AM  

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