Friday, January 11, 2008

No Answers

the other day we were invited to an english class by a man who works in the bazaar (he greeted us by saying "i would very like to be your best friend"). he also manages to work phrases such as "time and tide wait for no man" into normal conversation. we went to the class for lack of a better thing to do and met 25 or so delightful & dedicated students who study english every evening for 2.5 hours in a frigid little room. we were seated in the front and the students were instructed to ask us questions (2.5 hours worth)! here were some of our favourites:

is arnold swartzenegger master of texas?

what do you do in your free time?

i heard one of the backstreet boys died in 9-11 - is this true?

how is the weather in america?

do you think alfred noble traded in death?

what do you think of europe? specifically, what do you think of australia (i think he meant austria)?

have you ever explained in front of the white house?

how does this weather compare to new york?

what is most famous in your city?

how many movie stars are your friends? (here most people know uyghur movie stars)

can you give me a visa?

tell more about canadian boxing.

i heard someone disappeared the statue of libery. is this true? (darren finally figured out he was talking about david copperfield)

how are human rights in your country?

what do you think of the FBI?

tell me about american education.

Right now, can you write your family history on the blackboard?

is it true that you can own guns in america?

what is a good job in america?

is it true that there are uyghur villages in vancouver?

what do you think of the movie The Big Liar?

when you see us, will you call us uyghurs?

can you come to my house?

what kind of communications do people use on the internet in your city?

are you tired?

do you like our questions?

what kind of food will you eat?

are you interested in the olympics?

what is your favourite sport?

i would include our answers, but i'm afraid they would sound even more bizarre than some of the questions.



Anonymous Naomi said...

Eep! Halfway through, I'd have been ready something simple like "Why is the sky blue?" :)

12:19 PM  

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