Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jennifer Makes Fun of Me Too

It was nice to have my old friend Zach visit us this past weekend. Such a nice young man as my mom might say. Everyone that saw us together thought he was my brother and in a way he is: cute as a button and always into trouble – like a baby cocker spaniel with baby blue eyes. We’ve spent a lot of time fouling each other on the basketball court and missing our serves when we play tennis. Now that he’s decided he likes China maybe we’ll both put in our time as ignorant Americans when we live there. Yep, Zach is a good one. Hope he comes back for more.

Jennifer is excited about going to China too. She was telling me the other day exactly what she’s going to bring on our big trip next month. Four books: Franz Kafka’s The Trial, Friedrich Nietzsche’s Reader, her Chinese textbook, and one other book she hasn’t decided on yet. She’s going to bring 3 changes of clothing and one pair of long underwear. She’ll probably need them because it will be cold and blustery in Beijing in January. Jennifer is doing good in blustery weather though this winter because she’s getting “acclimated” to the cold. I’m glad cause then she doesn’t complain as much. This week she promised not to complain about anything. So instead of saying something annoys her she says stuff like “I was able to enjoy ‘such-and-such’ a pain or trial”. I think I liked it better back when she complained more.

Even though Jennifer is a funnier writer than me [you get better at eating your words every day Byler] she refuses to ever take a turn writing. I bet if enough people commented about it she might give it a try. Then again it might just make her more stubborn. [Now wouldn’t that be a blessed lesson in flexibility when dealing with disappointment] Either way I bet it will make her complain that I wrote about it and that will be good cause I’m tired of this no complaining nonsense. Besides the name attached to this blog is “Darren-Jenn”. If she doesn’t ever write I might have to change it. [You’re the one who came up with that in the first place. Anyone who’s half an acquaintance knows I spell Jen with one “n”. Folks, would Adam have had the right to complain if the praying mantis had never prayed?]

The funny thing is [laugh on cue, people] Jennifer offered to type this up since I’ve been busy with my 50 pages of essays for my classes at school and haven’t had time to type up anything but them. I’m glad she won’t complain. [Yes , wouldn’t you know the nicest thing happened to me today! I was typing and typing astonishingly eloquent words written by my kind husband (whose brilliance causes his professors to demand that he personally type only words reserved for their eyes – the rest can be passed down to secretarial staff) for hours and hours until I was granted the blessing of carpal tunnel syndrome which has given me a much needed crash course in the anatomical course of the median nerve and enabled me to more fully empathize with my patients’ pain. Thanks hun (for giving me the opportunity to refer to you as hun publicly). Note to Dorcas: you may use this as an example in your next edition of Most Annoying Blogging Practices if you wish (think run-on sentences made possible by an endless sequence of parentheses and dashes)].


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In my humble opinion a man should never complain about a wife who doesn't complain, especially if the complaining is in any way related to him personally. I'm not sure about the wisdom of you encouraging her to complain. You know what the book of Proverbs says about continual dripping on a rainy day and dwelling on a corner of the housetop, don't you?


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