Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hot Date Time

This weekend Jennifer and I finally went to different restaurant on our weekly "hot date." Usually we just go up the street to the Garden Café which despite its amazingly slow service and awkwardly contradictory live and canned music which smash together simultaneously when they have jazz-in-the-garden night has really great pumpernickel bread with olive tapenade and a nice little selection of vegetarian and carnivorous options for under $20. But we’ve mostly worked our way through them and although last week Jennifer said the d’Anjou pear and goat cheese salad she had was the best ever, I decided it was time to go to some other non-Chinese vegetarian mostly place. Jennifer always acts as though she has no strong opinions about these things but she was secretly pleased.

So we went to a Tibetan restaurant named Tsampa, which is roasted barley flower in mixed with the salty Tibetan butter tea. Since it was down near GreenwichVillage it was crowed with Halloweeners. Jennifer said the Village is always a little bit Halloweenie. I had some butter tea and Jennifer said the water was just right – not too cold not too hot and clean (because on the menu it said it was filtered). We sat under a giant picture of a beaming Dali Lama. The service was Tibetan and slow and the food a little subtle, but it was nice. Jennifer thought I kept staring at the cat and two pirates next to us. But I was just bored I said. I think we'll go back to the Garden Cafe next time (or maybe Indian food?).

We went to a bookstore on our way home and looked at guidebooks to China and strategized and fawned over our upcoming trip. I got a coffee at Starbucks and got loopy. Walking to the train we talked about what it was like before we were married and how sacrificial Bethanie was all those weekends when I visited them in their little apartment where we live now. It’s nice to have hot dates every week now without having to disrupt people’s normal routine in our crowded city. Not that disruptions are always bad. Next week Bethanie is coming home for a few days and we’re really happy about it!

Here is Great Grandma. She is 96.


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