Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Snowing
Ever since Jennifer said the trees were not going to turn out nice this year because there wasn’t enough rain I’ve been making fun of her. Just because that’s what I like to do. Joke around with her. Ha ha. She’s right though at least a little bit, but not completely. This morning when I was walking home through Central Park I experienced a moment of literal magical realism when I walked under a forest of golden leaves highlighted by a crazy blue sky. And a wind whipped up and all of the sudden I was walking through a storm of leaves and a bright yellow one hit me in the nose. This picture seems like the same sort of thing.

Today we are going to see our buddies the Barnharts be coronated the arch-deacons of Little Lancaster, New York City. They came over to our place last night in all their splendor. Most of it was contained in their young daughter Eve who babbles to herself and freneticly flings herself about every place a little bit like a tree losing its leaves in the fall. The rest of the Barnharts are nice too and it will be good to hear them preach and watch them take care of the down-and-outers.

Harlan didn’t wear his suit for the inauguration because he said his suit pants have shrunk. But he and Marilyn looked stately nonetheless. They’ll be good deacons I think, because they already do all the things deacons are supposed to do: not given to much wine, servants of all, etc. I’m pretty sure they’ll put the Compassion Fund to good use. I can’t wait until we get on their reaching-out-list for being bad church attenders so we get to see them more often.


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