Sunday, December 16, 2007

Peace of Mind

Oh yes! Another night in a port-a-john sized booth with the New York Times and an illustrated edition of The Kite Runner. What could be better than the simply shocking news that Roger Clemens did steroids and Afghans dislike American soldiers telling them where to plant their poppies. Not surprisingly, Jennifer lost her voice this week in a co-incidence with the first blizzard of sleet and snow for the year. Slogging on, in defiance of the handful of mud flung at her by her ecology, Jennifer refused to take more than one day off and resolved once again to drink lots and lots of ginger tea with entirely too much lemon.

This though did not prevent her from splitting some vegan pizza with me on our way home from a lecture on Chinese Muslims at the 92nd Street Y – that paragon of secular Jewry. Yes that’s right Hanukah is right here and that means Christmas parties at work and school all of which J and I managed to miss. All for the better and less for the worse this strategic avoidance has proven key in the fight against low self image and as Jennifer’s smooth skin displays: a cultivated lack of the grease available in copious quantities in holiday food. This sort of asceticism will though be corrected next weekend when we drive the long concrete road to Ohio where high fat foods magically appear in clusters of four or five garland by giant mugs of coffee and swags of other indescribable festive “goodies.”

Laughing delightfully, this playful monologue will yet get you nowhere as I have nothing on my mind and a serious lack of concern. Armed with Chinese visas and assurances that I will graduate on time next December, I have little worry other than a faint longing for peace in the Middle East and a desire for an end to global poverty – those utopian imaginings aside life is going down smooth like a bit of bistro au jus with French cut fries and Oaxacan string cheese.


Anonymous gokum said...

Because I am who I am, might I suggest that you make your font size one notch LARGER!!! My first comment on your illustrious site

11:09 AM  
Blogger darren-jenn said...

Me being me and not you, I would say its time for you to get new glasses. That said, you are not the only one who complains about reading what I write. Chief complainer Jennifer also makes comments sometimes.

You'll be happy to note that everything will now be written in Franklin Gothic Book rather than the Trebuchet we previously enjoyed.

12:04 AM  
Blogger Meredith said...

So you're reading The Kite Flier? A couple weeks ago when we had lunch with John and Ladina Martin, they recommended it to us. I got it from the library here, but haven't had time to read it yet. Looks like I'll have to renew it. I have a dream of Merle and me reading it together. Maybe over Christmas break????~Edith

4:57 AM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Whoops! It's the Kite Runner, not Kite Flier. ~Edith

8:10 AM  

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