Sunday, March 28, 2010


I’ve been following two photo blogs a lot lately, “The Blue Hour” by Brian and “This is Naïve: Miscellany of a Girl’s Life” by Tommy. Both of them live in London and take melancholic pictures of evocative objects and scenes. They take a lot of pictures of food, British food.

So I was really happy to eat at Smith today and try their “Full English Breakfast” while J. and her old Canadian friends had their fill of the best poutine in Seattle and round after round of perfect coffee in narrow brown mugs. A Full English Breakfast involves 3 eggs fried, ham, baked tomato, house-made sausage, baked beans & fry bread. It is big enough for two and the beans are the best. A perfect understated breakfast in a dark cavernous room surrounded by taxidermy and odd portraits of American presidents.

I like it so much when objects are presented in a simple but particular and thoughtful way, when designs evoke cultural history, when the mystery of composition carries the viewer, or in this case the eater, through to a new appreciation of texture, atmosphere, and the actual colors of abstract ideas. That sort of thing.

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