Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Want a House With a Porch Too
Today we went to one of those vegetarian brunch places where they frame limited edition signed copies of Michael Pollan’s “eater’s manifesto” inside the main entrance over basket woven chairs comfortable enough to sit in for hours. This Café Flora is in a part of town we don’t get to much, so we were especially gawky. And when we tried to find parking we ended up next to a deep brown cedar-shingle-sided house on the edge of town, with a cedar shingle fence around what seemed to be an intimate courtyard. A Subaru station wagon with a “War is Terrorism” bumper sticker was parked in the lane. We spent the next ten minutes deciding that we wanted a house just like it. A house with a broad and deep front porch just like the one Brian Snyder says is worth a lesser-used body part. A house with a children’s garden so Olivia will not go bananas when she comes for meaningful visits.
We’ve tried to make the best out of our hole in the ground, but it’s not a place to invest more than a few cheap pictures and manufactured statues of repurposed junk. Someday, eventually, we’ll have a beautiful wood house next to a hip brunch place too, just like all our friends.
Growing old together, J. and I will cave in and find a family dog when our kids move away for the “college experience” and I’ll sit on my porch with the dog listening to birds and muttering about the way the voles are tearing up the yard. Later, in the afternoon J. will shrewdly power up the Drone with tears in her eyes.

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Blogger michael~ said...

Great blog! Important issues, great resources, well done. Looks like you are finding your 'voice'…

I’ll cut to the chase, I’m an anthropologist and I'm currently doing a little study on the blogging subculture. Your perspective is of great of interest to me, so if you don’t mind dropping in on the blog and answering 5 questions, I’d be more that grateful.

If for nothing else, swing by the blog just to take a look...



9:31 PM  
Anonymous Olivia said...

Lol. It will be fun to hear you muttering about voles when the day comes. If you start digging out the 22, we'll get really worried.

7:23 PM  

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