Monday, July 21, 2008


Nice quiet weekend alone in the city with no rushing around trying to do too much. We started out with the joyful noises of Deerhoof in Prospect Park on Friday night. We drank tons of iced coffee, told each other ridiculous stories from work, and laughed at the little Japanese girl in her own little world singing her own funny songs on the stage while her band mates jammed their hearts out into our ears. The lyrics didn’t stick too well but the mood of it – going passionately about your work without taking it too seriously – seemed like exactly what we needed to hear. Hopefully that will stay with us over the next stretch of time. We need to stay focused on our work without being stressed like over-tightened unraveling strings like the ones on my guitar which we finally resurrected this week and strummed into some easy playing folksongs. The ritual of it feels nice and I hope that continues a while longer too.

Flat tires, sprained feet, displaced wrist bones, fake poison ivy, broken printers, canceled classes, none of that can stop us from doing what has to happen for us to flow with the images we have projected for ourselves. We like those slightly out-of-tune people too much to just let them fade away into rust and depression.

Next weekend we think will be one of the highlights of the summer. Philip Glass will be in Prospect Park performing the soundtrack to POWAQQATSI while the film plays behind him on New York’s largest movie screen outside in the park with silvery airplanes sliding silently into La Guardia overhead. I always love seeing something I’ve internalized and made into the rhythm with which I can conduct life performed in time-space which is real to me. We also might have Gene and Amy here for some museum hopping.


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