Monday, February 18, 2008


It’s a rainy morning with a solid gray and warm sky. Jennifer just woke up, twenty-eight years old and bleary eyed. I’m listening to Sting sing the grey English poems of John Dowland and trying to think of pithy things to write, biding my time for the opening of H&R Block so that our married and filing jointly tax break might be had and not worried about. This past weekend has been a fun one. We went to Angelica Kitchen and had the best vegetarian birthday party for Jennifer ever – that’s what she kept repeating. (I made her say it.) The basic vegetables doused in subtle sauces after some deeply flavored kimchi gave us both nice warm full feelings. And we watched Michael Moore's not that new but very nicely flavored ideas on health care: I'm glad he does what he does and hope he can soon move on to another less obvious battle.

The other day on my way home from my Chinese class at the China Institute at 65th Street and Lex I saw and heard a Spaniard playing really beautiful flamenco on a nylon-strung guitar in the train station and I thought I would miss this when I leave New York and go to China or Alaska or wherever. Actually the latest possibility at some point is Seattle since they have the best doctoral program in China-centric Anthropology. We’re going to check it out in May when we go on an expedition up the northwest of North America from Washington to Anchorage maybe.

Things are steadily getting back to normal after our Asiatic breakout. Work. Sleep. School. Being Married. The time goes by and we smile most of the time. Our home is as clean as it has ever been in the past year or so – nothing like a visit from relatives to help get things into shape. I like that, the idea of putting things away when you don’t need to use them and otherwise eradicating the things which are not useful at all. I hope this is the new normal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had to laugh not many mennonites showing so much love to ol buddy Michael Moore. We need to catch up again sometime. This is Brent by the way.

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