Sunday, November 01, 2009

Of Seattle’s Golden Breeze

Last night around nine o’clock we went out to an all night coffee shop and tried to read Nabokov and study Uyghur. But we only got through a few sips of our decaf chai and the street was flooded with naked pumpkin-headed men deliriously flapping by. Then they were gone and we were wondering if we saw them at all. Did we see that golden breeze like a streak of laughter down the street? We think we did. And the pictures from the Naked Pumpkin Run (NPR) of Seattle prove it, but they don’t show the surprise which makes such a costume a timeless treasure.

I also saw through the window of a tavern a sad dinosaur sitting in the corner of the bar with his beer, his legs crossed. Another short moment in time where the weird seemed true and the strange seemed natural. A lonesome dinosaur in a world of human freaks.

We didn’t dress up last night like a pirate or a gorilla, but one of these years Jennifer will be a mini whale and I will be a David Lynch teddy bear and we will laugh ourselves to sleep because the world is funny.


Blogger Marilyn said...

those r some scary pumpkin headed weirdos. thanks 4 editing the photos apropriately. i can see that staying indoors on halloween in seattle might b a good idea.

6:08 AM  

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